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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

No need to panic on social media report on migrant labour: CITI & SIMA

No need to panic on social media report on migrant labour: CITI & SIMA

In a Press Meet held today at Coimbatore, Mr.T.Rajkumar, Chairman, Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) and Mr.Ravi Sam, Chairman, The Southern India Mills’ Association (SIMA) jointly addressed a  press meet at Coimbatore ''there is no discrimination between the local workers and the migrant workers in the state. In the recent few weeks a section of group and political outfits are making hue and cry over the engagement of migrant workers and demanding that the migrant  workers (hailing from North India) should not be permitted to work in Tamilnadu.  

They further stated that such groups are sowing the seeds of hatred in the minds of working people in Tamilnadu, against the engagement of migrant workers. Such attitude and demand from these sections would pose a danger to the industrially developed State like Tamilnadu and affect the performance of the industry, as a whole.

They have pointed out that unless this issue is sorted out in the initial stage itself,  it would ruin the industrial growth in the State, when particularly the  Government of Tamilnadu is making efforts to bring sizeable investments to the State.  The video clipping taken in Railway Station has been twisted as if there is a clash between the north Indian and South Indian workers.

Meeting organized

They informed that on 2nd March 2023, there was a virtual meeting organized by the Coimbatore District Collector among the industry Association wherein, he explained the real position and there is no truth in the so-called clash among the workers, but at the same, steps were being taken to give confidence for the migrant workers to work peacefully in Tamilnadu.  

Mr.Rajkumar and Mr.Ravi Sam stated that the social media news are spread out of proportion and both the migrant workers and the industry need not panic.   They have appealed to the Government of Tamilnadu to take serious action against trouble mongers through the concerned departments and protect the industry and the working class and maintain industrial peace in the State.