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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

North Indians'  malpractice in Customs exam

North Indians' malpractice in Customs exam

Chennai Office of Customs had vacancies for Canteen Assistant and Driver. It has been announced by the Customs Department that those who are qualified in class 10 or 12 can apply. About 12 thousand people applied for 17 vacancies. Since the salary is Rs.30 thousand and the job is in Chennai, they applied for this exam from various states.
In this case, around 1500 people participated and wrote the exam in yesterday's exam. 
When the examination was going on, the officials noticed that a young man was behaving strangely and they conducted a thorough search on him. Officers were shocked to discover that he was hiding a small Bluetooth device in his ear.
Further, in the test conducted on him, it was revealed that he stuck a SIM card inserted on his stomach and wrote the exam with the help of an outsider using it. And during the serious investigation conducted on him, the officials were shocked to find the information that 30 people from Haryana, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh were taking the exam in this way.
Later, 30 people were interrogated and the Bluetooth device and SIM card were seized from them. After this they were handed over to the police and arrested. This issue has created a lot of stir.
While it is being said that the youth from Tamil Nadu did not get jobs, the fact that the people from the northern state wrote the exam in a fraudulent manner in the examination held in Chennai has shocked everyone.This may be the first time that 30 people from northern states have been found to have cheated in the exam at the same time. But this tragic incident has raised doubts that similar irregularities may have happened in many competitive examinations held in Tamil Nadu earlier.Because people from North India have won most of the competitive examinations for central government jobs in Tamil Nadu over the past decade. Even in the Tamil language competitive examination held a few years ago for postal jobs, Tamil Nadu natives were not successful, and Haryana natives who did not know Tamil were selected for all the posts. Thus, do North Indians participating in competitive exams win through cheating? 
The suspicion arose.
Now this suspicion has been strengthened by the fact that 30 people involved in the scam have been arrested in a single day. As government jobs, especially central government jobs, are becoming a horse-horn, instead of hiring qualified, talented and local people, it is a huge crime that some people who have little connection with the workplaces are taking away those jobs through fraudulent means. This can never be allowed.That is why in Tamil Nadu 50% of official level jobs and 100% of shop jobs should be reserved for people from Tamil Nadu, Dr. Ramadoss, the founder of PMK party has been insisting. All those behind this scam should be arrested and punished. There had been irregularities in the past competitive examinations for central government jobs in Tamil Nadu? The central government should order a detailed investigation.
A special investigation committee should be set up and investigated to clear the suspicions of the people of Tamil Nadu!