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Today Date : Sunday, April 14, 2024

O. Panneerselvam who has turned into a PonniyinSelvan

O. Panneerselvam who has turned into a PonniyinSelvan

O. Panneerselvam (OPS) had filed an appeal in the Supreme Court in the case against the AIADMK General Committee that took place on July 11. Meanwhile, the EdappadiPalaniswami side had decided to hold the AIADMK general secretary election within 3 months. In this case, when the OPS case came up for hearing yesterday, Supreme Court Judges M.R. Shah and Krishnamurari bench issued an interim ban on the election for the post of AIADMK General Secretary.

“What is the urgency for the election of the General Secretary when he is the interim General Secretary?”the bench questioned. Apart from that, it has issued a notice to EdappadiPalaniswami to respond to O. Panneerselvam's appeal against the July 11 general committee. The OPS party is celebrating the Supreme Court's order as a victory for them.

As of today, AIADMK's PonniyinSelvan seems to be O. Panneerselvam. Political commentator TharasuShyam has aptly described that EdappadiPalaniswami  has become AdityaKarikalan.  When the case is pending in the Supreme Court, what is the need to announce the by-election after it is also listed for hearing Judges asked.

There is no denying that EdappadiPalaniswami has made a big mistake in this matter. He may have decided after the Supreme Court verdict. An interim ban has now been imposed. It will take a long legal battle to lift the ban. This is a big setback for EdappadiPalaniswami.

Whereas O. Panneerselvam would have got a sigh of relief. We should remember what Supreme Court Justice Chandrachud said in a case that in our country the number itself is important for democracy. A similar scenario will befall the AIADMK. Then there is a chance for Edappadi's hand to rise. But in the present environment, the political field of AIADMK is seen in favor of O. Panneerselvam. It is not known what will happen next in AIADMK. Let's look forward to it!