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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Obama’s charges and Modi’s response

Obama’s charges and Modi’s response

At a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone to USA, complaints abound that the several incidents have taken place against the minorities in India.
As demands were placed to US President Joe Biden by a group of US legislators that these incidents have to be discussed, the former President Barack Obama,  made a sensational charge.Prime Minister went on a three day official visit to the USA. Leaders of both countries discussed several matters concerning the ties between the two nations. 

Agreements were signed in the areas of investments and business. Followed by this, Prime Minister Modi addressed the American senate. In a joint press conference, a woman journalist asked Narendra Modi what steps were taken to improve the right of speech and freedom amid increasing complaints that minorities like Muslims being suppressed in India. It is in this backdrop, the former US President Barack in Obama, only an hour before, in an interview to the press at Athens said he would have asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the steps taken to ensure rights of Muslims and minorities in India had he met him. Barack Obama remarked that in India where the Hindus are a majority, it is important to ensure the rights of Islamic minorities and others. If I had a chance to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is my good friend, I would have told him that if you do not take steps to protect the minorities, there will be time when India will disintegrate. 

A debate over this matter would have dominated our interaction, he said.
Barack Obama’s interaction with the press and the demand of the American legislators on the need to discuss the matter during the meeting of the US President and the Indian Prime Minister reveals that despite Prime Minister’s claim the view that all is not well in the treatment of minorities in India has spread abroad. However it is praise worthy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is of the stand that India is a democratic and secular country and all are treated equally.  Although the opposition parties and the minorities in India have been complaining about the contrary realities,doubts are being raised abroad too,It is a charge that minorities are not treated well in India which Modi denies. He is forced to defend the charges against India. One cannot deny the fact that the BJP led Union Government is in a situation to prove itself that it is seriously taking steps to ensure the rights and freedom of the minorities.