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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Of the Congress that gave the opportunity to Muslim candidates and the BJP that didn’t

Karnataka assembly election is going to be held on May 10. Filing of nominations has also started. There, the election field is heating up as always.
JDS and Congress candidates are already being announced. Dissatisfaction with the list of candidates is being expressed in every party. Congress recently announced 166 candidates. 11 of them were Muslim candidates. However, there were voices of discontent that Muslims were not given adequate representation.

In this case, BJP released the first phase list of candidates with 189 candidates. The BJP had announced senior leaders Somanna and Ashok as candidates for the constituencies contested by Karnataka Congress leaders Siddaramaiah and D.K Shivakumar. 
And there is not a single Muslim candidate in the first phase list of 189 candidates. BJP MP Tejashwi Surya gave an evasive answer when reporters questioned him in this regard last night. Tejashwi Surya's reply was that BJP has given opportunity to Muslims in other states.

In Karnataka, the 4% reservation for Muslims has been taken away by the BJP government and shared with the Okkalika and Lingayat castes. This has caused great confusion among Muslims. 
The party is campaigning that reservation for Muslims will be restored if the Congress forms the government. 

One-sided opinion is that the fact that the BJP has not announced a single Muslim as its candidate will be a further setback for the party. At the same time, another side says that BJP's strategy of concentrating Hindu votes may backfire.
Meanwhile, many sitting MLAs have been denied seats in this list of 189 people. Following this, the supporters of the sitting MLAs have held protests against the BJP leadership in many places.
Thus the list of candidates has created internal conflict in the parties in Karnataka. 
The fact that there is not a single Muslim in the BJP candidate list has become a major talking point.