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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

Old woman dies after being dumped amidst garbage

Old woman dies after being dumped amidst garbage

A 60-year-old old woman was found dead in a garbage dump while emptying the garbage from a lorry at the Vellalore garbage yard in Coimbatore.

Tonnes of rubbish is being dumped daily from 100 wards under the Coimbatore Corporation at the Coimbatore Vellalore dump yard through hundreds of lorries. About 70 people are engaged in collecting plastic and bins at the dump yard under a private contract. As usual, the work was going on and a truck emptied the garbage in which an old woman was accidentally buried and died on the spot.

The body of the old woman has been recovered from the rubbish based on the information given by the colleagues. In this connection, the Podanur police went to the Vellalore dump yard and conducted an investigation.