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Today Date : Wednesday, June 19, 2024

OPS & EPS candidates at direct  competition!

OPS & EPS candidates at direct competition!

Jayalalitha, who was not only the life-term general secretary of the AIADMK, but also called the permanent general secretary of the party, passed away in December 2016. After this, events surpassing action cinema scenes were staged in AIADMK one after another. In particular, V.K Sasikala was selected as temporary general secretary,  O.Paneerselvam’s (OPS) assumption and exit as Chief Minister, elevation of Edppadi K Palansamy (EPS) as the Chief Minister, verdict in asset hoarding case, Sasikala going to jail, re-uniting of OPS-EPS, TTV Dhinakaran's huge victory in R.K Nagar, sacking of TTV Dhinakaran supported M.L.A.  There was no dearth of excitement.

At some point, TTV Dhinakaran started a separate party called AMMK declaring that he will democratically rescue the AIADMK. V.K Sasikala, who was chosen as general secretary after Jayalalithaa, is saying that she will save AIADMK by fighting a legal battle. Meanwhile, a rift broke out between party coordinator OPS and co-convenor EPS over single leadership  in AIADMK last June. Together, Sasikala, described as two leaves of the double leaf symbol after removing Dhinakaran, is traveling on separate paths.

What will happen to them? Who has the real power of AIADMK? The court has not yet given a full verdict. The decision of the Election Commission is also not made clear.It is in this situation that the by-election date for Erode East constituency has been unexpectedly announced. Edappadi Palaniswami has announced that AIADMK will contest in this. Following this, O. Panneerselvam, who gave an interview this morning, announced that he will contest in the Erode East constituency and field the AIADMK candidate.

It is certain that the EPS and OPS sides will compete head-to-head. But a problem arises as to who gets the double leaf symbol. Both sides will claim the double leaf symbol. But double leaf is more likely to be disabled. O. Panneerselvam has also announced today that he will never be the reason for disabling the double leaf symbol and will compete even if the double leaf symbol is not available. At the same time, O. Panneerselvam said that if BJP contests, he will give up. Even if the double leaf symbol is not available, will the Edappadi side also field their candidate? Or give it to BJP? Let's wait and see!