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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Parents should make children self reliant: Actress Suhasini

Parents should make children self reliant: Actress Suhasini

Apart from teaching, teachers and parents should find latent talents of students and encourage them to shine in the that field to become self reliant, advised actress Subhasini.

Addressing at the Erode Book Festival, organised by the Makkal Sindhanai Peravai, on the title of 'Nimirntha Nannadai', she said  ''women have the potential to make the country strong and attain super power status. So, menfolk should allow them to go to work.  

Women should have the courage to say what's in her mind, to write it down, and to give others a chance to read that writing. Women are 65 percent of the workforce in the nation while workforce among menfolk is  35 percent. But men earn 91 percent of total income and women earn only 9 percent. Of the 55 percent women who enter the workforce in India, 45 percent leave within a year. 

There are many reasons for this at home, outside and at work spot.  65 percent of women who live alone face short span of life. To help them, she established a voluntary organization called 'Naam' to give hope to women living alone and has been running it for 12 years.

 The NGO is doing various activities for the development of women living alone. It is not wrong for women to give up some things in the family for the sake of a capable husband. The wife should recognize husband's talents and work as driving force for his development. Then only, the future of the children will be better. Nowadays, youths are not mature enough to face failure.

 That's why they hesitate to take risks. Parents should teach children self-reliance and encourage children's good deeds and efforts, she said. Peravai president T Stalin Gunasekaran, prof Ilampirai Manimaran and MPNMJ college correspondent Vasantha Sudhanandan spoke.