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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Patients regain full range of movements of the knee faster with PERFIT-R

Patients regain full range of movements of the knee faster with PERFIT-R

Soundarapandian Bone and joint Hospital is a leading centre in Chennai for all advanced Orthopaedic procedures. Having completed 40 years of service to patients the hospital always introduced the latest technologies to enable our patients fully recover quickly and completely and continue to lead in the field of Orthopaedic surgery.

Total Knee Replacement has been the forte and the hospital has pioneered this surgery in Chennai. With over 8000 surgeries done since the time of introduction in 1987; the hospital which is on the path of continuous innovation and improvement has recently  introduced the PERFIT-R system.

PERFIT-R KNEE SYSTEM is a 3 dimensional [3D] surgical planning using a CT scan image of the entire leg. A thorough analysis of these 3 Dimensional images has improved the understanding and analysis of the deformities caused by arthritis . It is now possible to determine precisely the natural alignment of the knee using these 3D images. Then patient specific guides are prepared using this advanced software and a virtual operation is performed on the computer screen.

The hospital commenced surgeries with this method in 2022 and have successfully completed 200 surgeries and the outcomes have been excellent. Patients now regain the full range of movements of the knee faster and have much less pain.With PERFIT-R Patients can expect all the previous benefits of total knee replacement with the additional benefit of a personalised fit to enable them to walk, run and play in their own unique style!

Soundarapandian Bone and Joint Hospital is at  AA16, 3 rd Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai.