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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

Patients seek proper medicare in Erode GH

Patients seek proper medicare in Erode GH

More than 1000 people, including many from nearby districts, visit the Erode Government General Hospital (GH) every day for treatment. Balasubramanian, a 54-year-old carpenter from Pallipalayam in Namakkal district, fell ill and had to spend several thousand rupees for treatment at a private hospital.  He has been admitted to the Government General Hospital on May 20 for treatment. 

When he saw the doctor who was on duty there at the time, he recommended taking a scan.  He has gone to the scan unit at the Erode GH to get a scan under the insurance scheme.  But the staff there said they could not take the scan immediately and only registered the name.  On May 23, he received a message in his cell phone.  Following this, he went to the scan unit  and took a scan.  

The staff informed the results of the test will be available tomorrow afternoon. After receiving the results, it is necessary to see a doctor the next day.  He has been wandering for the past one week for testing with severe abdominal pain.  Similarly, a woman from Sankagiri complained that doctors didn't treat her for several days.  She accused the doctors of being on duty for only one or two hours and going to their own hospital for the rest of the day. Many patients complained that the doctors were not attending patients sincerely and appealed to the district administration to improve the situation there.