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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

'People are ready to send off DMK rule'

'People are ready to send off DMK rule'

People are ready to send off DMK rule, due to various omissions and commissions of it, said former minister and Namakkal district AIADMK secretary P Thangamani.Addressing party cadres meeting held at Namakkal, he said ''We have lost four constituencies in the 2021 Assembly election in the district. We work hard to make it the stronghold of AIADMK again. We should  prepare for it from now itself. The current DMK regime is an anti-people rule. regime. 

It did not come to power because of people's choice. It came to power by getting only 3 percent more votes than AIADMK. In 20 constituencies, we lost by 5,000 votes. In total, we have lost 49 constituencies at a margin of 1.20 lakh votes only. Now, people are ready to send off this regime. Our only task is to harvest their feelings. If we do it well, we will capture all 40 Lok Sabha seats  in coming poll. 

He said O. Panneerselvam blocked the declaration of EPS as a CM candidate in 2021 poll. We negotiated with him and got  his consent after 10 days. He ruled well for 4 years. Nirmally, AIADMK would announce candidates in advance. 

But, DMK announced candidates at first due to the delay  in getting the nod of OPS to the candidates list. Everyone started talking that we could not take decisions quickly because of the dual leadership. 
Hence, cadres started opting  single leadership and supported EPS as the interim general secretary saying that only then would they be able to oppose the DMK effectively. We told OPS to give the post of Joint General Secretary. But, he did not accept it. We continued to negotiate. 

But there was no use. That is why we abandoned the talks with him. Now,  OPS group misinformed public  that it got a stay order from the SC to hold the general secretary election and thus confused them whether the party and its two leaves symbol are intact. But, in reality, EPS told the court that the  general secretary election could not be held until the court delivers its verdict, he pointed out.