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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

People teach a lesson for Power Abuse

People teach a lesson for Power Abuse

When the Rajapakse family, which destroyed the Eelam Tamils, won the last election and came to power, they started acting with arrogance that no one can question them anymore.

The elder brother MahindaRajapaksewas sitting in the post of Prime Minister and the younger brother GotabayaRajapakse was sitting in the post of President. 

Their family members became ministers and power centers controlling all the high departments of the government. Their misdeeds and hoarding of wealth soon came to light and displeased the people of Sri Lanka.

It was in this situation that President GotabayaRajapakse made a huge mistake. He took wrong decisions on foreign exchange. This led to the Rajapakse family being forced to flee the country today.Protesters have taken over presidential palace of GotabayaRajapakse's who trumpeted, ``I am a Sinhala Buddhist leader, I am the leader you have been looking for''.

Footage of protesters enjoying the presidential bedroom and swimming pool has taken center stage in international media.When they are at the top of power, the situation of many people who take pride without knowing the limits of their power has ended like this. It has now happened to the Rajapakses. 

Without any concrete plans to lead the country forward, the Rajapakses simply dreamed of staying in power for a long time through Sinhala ethnocentrism.

The whole of Sri Lanka appeared to belong to the Rajapakse family. Those elected by the people, on the other hand, acted like kings. As a result, the very people who supported them now hate and chase them.

After GotabayaRajapakse won with the support of 69 lakh people, Gotabaya's political calculation was that if he presented himself as the guardian of Sinhalese Buddhism, he could continue to rule. Now he has suffered a humiliating defeat.RanilWickramasinghe has also failed to bring any change.

This is a lesson to all the rulers who act without understanding the nature of power. At the same time, it is a good example that when the people rise up, those in power must be subdued.

The Rajapakse era came to an end after the President's Secretariat was besieged by protesters.After the resignation of GotabayaRajapakse, the opposition parties have come together to form a new government. Will that regime work properly, stabilize the country's economy and save the people?

Let good things happen in Sri Lanka!