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Today Date : Friday, June 14, 2024

Periyar policy and Supreme Court decision!

Periyar policy and Supreme Court decision!

Thandhai Periyar introduced self-respect marriage a hundred years ago. - Although there was a ban in between, the Supreme Court recognized it after a hundred years.

A few months ago, the Madras High Court ruled that marriages performed in advocate's office is invalid under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The Supreme Court has now given a very wonderful, progressive, human equality and humane judgment that now lawyers can conduct self-respecting marriages in their office as well.
The method of marriage introduced by Thandhai Periyar is that it can be conducted in a simple way with two witnesses. Self respect marriage comprises of man & woman, equality, equal rights, equal opportunities, caste, religion, rituals A kind of simple marriage with lots of love and understanding.In 1953 the Madras High Court ruled that this marriage system was invalid. Tens of thousands of self-respecting marriages continued to take place without any regard for the verdict. In 1967, Aringar Anna gave legal form to self-respect marriage. In 1967, the government headed by Aringar Anna unanimously passed a new law in the assembly to make self-respecting marriage legal and created a new history.

In disposing an appeal on the Madras High Court judgment which ruled that the self-respect marriage held in the presence of lawyers in Tirupur in 2023 was invalid, the Supreme Court Judges Ravindra Bhatt and Arvind Kumar have given a very progressive judgment saying that self-respecting marriage can be conducted anywhere and in front of anyone. Thandhai Periyar said then & Supreme Court says today. 

This verdict affirms that the Periyar-Dravidian principle will always prevail.
This is a commendable good decision & welcome!