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Today Date : Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Plan to give Rs 25,000  cr loan to SHGs

Plan to give Rs 25,000 cr loan to SHGs

Out of the target set to give Rs 25,000 crores loan  to women SHGs  in Tamil Nadu, Rs 12,000 crores have been disbursed so far, Rural Development Minister Periya Karuppan said. He attended a review meeting  of his department at the District Collector's office on Friday evening.

He told the media  "last year, government has  set a target to give Rs 20,000 crore as bank loans to SHGs and disbursed Rs 21,500 crores. This year also, more loan will be given. Exhibition of products produced by self-help groups in Tamil Nadu were held at Kalaivanar Arangam. This year also, the expo will be held at district level and state level. 238 Periyar Memorial Samatthupurams to create casteless society.  They were not properly maintained during the AIADMK rule. Last year, Rs 190 cr was allotted to renovate 145 Samatthuvapurams. 

 All 12,525 gram panchayats will be improved under the plan

The CM has promised to increase the number of working days and wages under the NREGS. He would  gradually fulfill all promises made. The previous AIADMK regime did not hold  the local body elections in time. So, there was a shortage in the flow of funds from the Centre. Now the funds for the local bodies that are supposed to come from the central government are coming in. 

First phase of the implementation of the all village Anna marumalarchi plan is going on in the state.  All 12,525 gram panchayats will be improved under the plan in phased manner. In the panchayats selected under the plan All Kalaignar Agricultural Development Programme was going on.  So, the agriculture and rural departments join hands to help rural masses.

He said that unlike other departments, rural development department  has a large number of people's representatives. Measures are being taken to improve the basic facilities after hearing their views.