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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Plan to increase cotton cultivated area to 4.53 lakh acre

Plan to increase cotton cultivated area to 4.53 lakh acre

Agriculture Minister MRK Panneerselvam has said that the government is taking all necessary steps to make Tamil Nadu a leading cotton producer and that the cotton production area will be increased from 3.5 lakh acres to 4.53 lakh acres.

Inaugurating  the Rasi Seeds head office in Puliyakulam, Coimbatore  on Sunday, he said, “Currently, Tamil Nadu ranks third in the country in cotton production and the government is making every effort to take Tamil Nadu to the first place''Ministers KN Nehru, Senthilbalaji, MRK Panneerselvam and Telungana  Minister Niranjan Reddy attended the function.Panneerselvam said  Tamil Nadu government has increased paddy cultivation by 5 lakh acres this year.  Drought and flood tolerant paddy varieties are to be introduced through research by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Similarly, many researches are being done to increase the potency of other crops.

Urban Development Minister K N Nehru said, "Consumer research should be done to increase the potency of the seeds and efforts should be made to match its results. Although many varieties of paddy have been developed, they have largely become extinct without potency.  We need to create good variety seeds through research, he added. 

The event was attended by District Collector Sameeran, Raasi Seeds Managing Director Ramasamy, Bayer India Limited Deputy Chairman and Managing Director Narain.