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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Plea to create Permanent Expo on Kodumanal excavation

Plea to create Permanent Expo on Kodumanal excavation

A permanent exhibition centre should be built in Erode with the materials found in the Kodumanal excavations to help people understand the ancient history, pleaded inscription scholar Pulavar 
S. Rasu. At the 18th Erode Book Festival, organized by the Makkal Sindhanai Peravai at Erode 
CN College,  a hall has been set up to display various items found in the Kodumanal excavations. 

The event was inaugurated on Saturday by senior epigrapher Pulavar S. Rasu in the presence of T.Stalin Gunasekaran who said ''From 1985 to till date, excavation work was going on in Kodumanal. 
The materials available in this research are vividly displayed in the 
arena at CN college. Kodumanal has  burial ground, a 2,500-year-old well, and iron factories etc. 

These studies reveal how the Tamils ​​have been civilized to such an extent  at Kodumanal in the Noyal river  as in the Indus Valley Civilization. Even if the proofs are shown in literature, the evidence obtained through excavations is accepted by the whole world as scientific evidence. Kodumanal study has revealed evidence of trade relations with foreign countries and visit of foreigners to the area. Exhibiting the objects found at Kodumanal at the Erode Book Festival would help students get an awareness on ancient history and get proud over Tamils' civilization in the area. 

He said that the Department of Archeology, District Administration, OEF and Adi Vanam have helped to establish the expo. Senior inscription scholar Pulavar S. Rasu who visited the venue said:  In 1979, I went to a temple ceremony at Kodumanal with Erode District Collector Thianeswaran. While he was at the temple, I wandered around the Noyal area. I found the ancient Pasimani and black copper lying there.'' 
Then, when he participated in a conference in MaduraiI showed it to Director of Archeology Nagasamy. Seeing that, he inquired where these rare items were found.

 Following this, I conducted surface surveys on Noyal Bank from 1979 to 1982. In 1981, I presented a paper at the Tamil conference in Madurai. The article was published in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette. Since then, 10 excavations have been conducted in Kodumanal since 1985. 
Y. Subbarayalu, Rajan and many others conducted research on Kodumanal and revealed many things about Kodumanal. 

He said that a permanent exhibition centre should be set up in Erode with the materials found in the Kodumanal excavation. There is no entry fee to visit the Kodumanal hall.