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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

PM  Modi’s unfounded criticism of women’s free bus travel scheme

PM Modi’s unfounded criticism of women’s free bus travel scheme

The "Mahalir Vidiyal Free BusTravel Scheme" for women in Tamil Nadu, implemented by Chief Minister M.K.Stalin, has helped women save an averge of Rs.800 per month on government bus travel. The scheme is being implemented in Karnataka and Telangana states, and other states are also considering it. But Prime Minister (PM) Modi criticizes the scheme as reducing passengers on metro trains.
Is the number of passengers in metro trains decreasing as PM Modi says? Even after the implementation of the free bus scheme for women in Tamil Nadu, the patronage of metro trains in Chennai is increasing rather than decreasing. As many as 2.53 crore people have traveled by metro train in 2021-the period of Covid pandemic. In 2022, it has transported 6.09 crore people. In 2023,  rose to 9.11 crore. Year after year, the number of metro rail passengers has increased by crores and not decreased. These statistics released by the Metro administration are proof of that. But Prime Minister Modi, without even knowing these statistics, has falsely criticized the Mahalir Vidiyal Free Bus Travel Scheme.
Essential commodities like rice, wheat and sugar are being provided free of charge in fair price shops. Why is that? Government assistance to improve the economic condition of the poor & middle class. Similar is the free bus travel scheme for women. Can PM Modi also oppose giving free items in ration?
Only two metro lines operate in Chennai. Women's free bus travel benefits all the nooks and corners of Tamil Nadu. It is painful that the Prime Minister himself is criticizing this scheme.With many condemning PM Modi's criticism as false, can it be proven that the metro service has now affected by the bus service? Minister Palanivel Thiagarajan has challenged that.
Will PM Modi accept this challenge?