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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

'PM popularises yoga all over world'

'PM popularises yoga all over world'

Yoga became popular all over the world because of the PM Modi, hailed World Community Service Centre (WCSC) president  Padmashree SKM Mayilanandan.
Addressing world yoga day celebration of the WCSC here on Wednesday, he said the PM has asked people to make yoga a part of their daily life. 

The art of yoga originated in our country about 3000 years ago. 
Yoga was mostly practiced by the Rishis and Saints  who lived in ashrams.  
Sage Nathamuni who lived in the 9th  century has penned a book "Secret of Yoga". 
He has prescribed special exercises for children, family members, retired people and pregnant women. 
In 1958 philosopher Vedatri Maharishi founded the World Community Service Centre through which he trained men, women, young and old in yoga. 

The method was learnt by millions of people. 
The Yoga Day is celebrated in more than 21,500 places by WCSC, he added