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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Police examine bank  accounts of ovum sales broker

Police examine bank accounts of ovum sales broker

Police are investigating the transfer of money to the bank account of a female broker involved in the sale of a minor girl's ovum in Erode.In Erode, a 16-year-old girl's ovum was sold by a female broker who provided fake evidence with the help of her mother and foster father. Erode Surampatti police arrested four persons, including the girl's mother and foster father.

The investigation revealed that the girl's ovum were sold not only in Erode and Perundurai but also in private hospitals in Salem, Hosur, Thiruvanandapuram and Tirupati. In this connection, the top medical team of the Directorate of Medical Services of Tamil Nadu conducted an investigation on the victim girl and related hospitals in Erode. Meanwhile, the district police department is conducting an investigation led by Additional Superintendent of Police Kanakeswari.

Investigations were carried out at two private hospitals in Erode, Salem and  Hosur.Summons have been sent to private hospitals in Tirupati and Thiruvananthapuram.In this case, it has been revealed that a private hospital in Trichy also involved. 

 The bank accounts of Malati, who acted as a broker in the sale of the girl's ovum, were examined. She had accounts in two banks and Rs 20,000 each has been sent several times to it by hospitals indicating lakhs of rupees have been transferred to her account. 
Investigations are also underway into the possibility that she may have acted as a broker to get ovum from several women.