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Today Date : Saturday, April 20, 2024

Property tax hike is inevitable;CM Stalin

Property tax hike is inevitable;CM Stalin

Chief Minister MK Stalin today explained in the Legislative Assembly that the property tax hike was inevitable as nothing could be done at present with the financial resources available to local bodies.

The Legislature reconvened today to discuss the grant request for allocating funds to various departments of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Ministers responded to questions previously asked during Question Hour. Stalin responded to the questions raised on the hike of property taxes.
Then Chief Minister Stalin said: The Minister has explained the property tax increase. Elections were not held before for local bodies. 

Development projects for the people were all stagnant. Due to the lack of revenue of local bodies including the corporation, there were various difficulties even in carrying out the daily tasks of the people. The government was facing it as a challenge.
However, representatives of all parties are currently elected to local bodies. What do those in charge of the local body expect from the government? Funds will be expected for projects and works to be carried out in local bodies. 

It is in this context that the property tax hike has been announced with the development of local bodies in mind so as not to affect the people, especially the poor, the common people and the middle class. In order to avoid harming the people, a plan will be introduced to increase the property tax, which will be implemented at present, by dividing it according to the area of ​​the building and raising the tax. The property tax hike was not intentional.
The fact is that the tax will not affect 83 percent of the total urban population in Tamil Nadu, economically. That is why even the press and media are praising this government's initiative. 

With the present scenario, the government is in a compulsion to provide basic amenities and that requires financial support.

In an editorial in the Tamil daily yesterday, they pointed out that the tax hike was inevitable as nothing could be done with the financial resources available to local bodies at present. 

So all the legislators including the opposition should not make any politics in the development of the state. Thus he said.