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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pudhiya Dravidar Kazhagam decides to support DMK alliance in LS poll

Pudhiya Dravidar Kazhagam decides to support DMK alliance in LS poll

Pudhiya Dravidar Kazhagam party and Kongu Nadu Vedutava Goundar Youth Welfare Association organized its 5th state level social justice conference at Perundurai on Sunday. 

The party and association state president K. S. Raj Gounder presided. Ministers S Muthuswamy, Dr. Madivendan, M.P. Saminathan, Social Justice People's Party President Erode Vadivel Raman, VCK Tirupur regional secretary Siruthai Valluvan, and functionaries of various parties and community organizations participated. 

Resolutions are: The Subdivisions of Vettuva Goundar viz. Veder, Vettuvar, Vil, Malai Vedan, Malai, Punna, Puluva Vettuvar, Puluva Goundar, Vettaikarar, Valmigi, Valayar, etc be clubbed and DNT certificate should be issued under the name Vettuva Goundar.

 A caste-wise census should be conducted and caste wise reservation should be provided to all communities. 

Manimandapams sought for Kings Valvil Ori, Kongalvan, Veera Venjaman, freedom fighters Pollan, Guna Nadar. The party decides to work for the victory of DMK in the LS poll and sought due recognition for the party in the LS and Assembly polls. Hike in the reservation for arunthathiyars from 3 to 6 percent. 

All the 64 sub-divisions of the Chettiar community should be consolidated and issued caste certificate in the name of Chettiar.  Social justice special grievance redressal day meeting should be held once a month in all District Collector offices. The Coimbatore Airport be named after King Kovan who created the city of Coimbatore. In the Palani Murugan temple, the worship methods be given to the Veera Saivite Pandara community.  Birthday of Mamannan Allala Nayagan, who built a dam at Namakkal Jaderpalayam, be declared as a government holiday. Electricity tariff concession for weavers, orders for pottery workers to take clay from government ponds for their work are other demands.