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Today Date : Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Quality Criticism is Political Decency

Paranthur Airport issue, Salem eight-lane road project, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister not congratulating on Vinayagar Chaturthi...: no matter how trivial it is, the Tamil Nadu BJP seems to have made it its daily agenda to criticize the ruling DMK whenever it gets a chance.

It must be said that the BJP is adopting this critical style as a strategy in an attempt to change the bipolar politics of DMK & AIADMK to DMK & BJP. While the main opposition AIADMK has been criticizing the DMK in name only, the time is right for O.Paneerselvam (OPS) and Edappadi K Palanisamy (EPS) combine to resolve the internal conflict that has been going on in the party for a few months.

Amidst this, where are they raising their voice against the ruling party? Annamalai does not refrain from criticizing the DMK on every public issue, saying that this is the time when the AIADMK is unable to function as an opposition party due to internal conflicts.

While both parties thought that the conflict that started with the incident of BJP throwing footwear on the car of Minister P.T. R Palanivel Thiagarajan at Madurai Airport, has ended,few days ago, an audio was released in which Annamalai was heard saying to a party official in advance regarding the Madurai Airport incident. My voice is featured in that audio; But Annamalai had coolly said that the DMK had edited and published it before and after.

"Because of this, you are a big curse to Tamil Nadu, who is doing politics even with the death of a soldier," retorted Palanivel in a Twitter post with a goat-shaped emoji adding that he does not even want to utter his name. Annamalai, replied to P.T.R Palanivel Thiagarajan saying, 'You are not even worthy of my sandal'.
Criticizing the ruling party and thereby trying to build the party in the state can also be taken as a form of politics.

But how can the two accept that they are taking turns and harshly criticizing each other in public? Politicians should not stoop to criticizing each other. This should be understood by both parties. Political civility must be maintained.

It would lead to a healthy politics if the two leaders in charge of the two major parties stop insulting each other with such a footwear-centric conversation and offer constructive criticism.