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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Rare bone cell therapy saves hip of a 25-year-old AVN patient

Rare bone cell therapy saves hip of a 25-year-old AVN patient

Dr. A. Navaladi Shankar, an orthopedic surgeon, associated with Apollo Hospital Chennai, successfully conducts first-of-its-kind bone cell treatment therapy on a 25-year-old patient suffering from AVN of the hip. 

The patient Surajit Ghosh in his early twenties experienced severe  pain in the right side of his hip, which led to complete dysfunction of his hip. With the further deterioration of the condition, he could not stand or walk without support or even sit upright; he would rely on a walker to move. For further medical consultation, he was advised to see Dr. A. Navaladi Shankar, orthopedic surgeon and an AVN expert associated with the hospital.

 "OSSGROW therapy was carried out on the patient in three simple phases. It starts by extracting healthy cells from the bone marrow of the patient.

 The next phase involves the bone cell culture and expansion of the healthy cells in a laboratory. Finally, the end-stage is procedural when the healthy harvested bone cells are injected back into the AVN-affected areas of the hip region,’’ explained Dr. A. Navaladi. OSSGROW India’s first DCGI-approved targeted and personalized cell therapy-based solution to treat AVN (Avascular Necrosis) of the hip. 

The innovative products are developed by Regrow Biosciences, India’s first biotechnology company to market regenerative medicine.