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Today Date : Saturday, June 22, 2024

Remembering  Vijayakanth: Actor, leader, a legacy

Remembering Vijayakanth: Actor, leader, a legacy

The passing of Vijayakanth, fondly known as Captain by his fans and esteemed as a leader by the public, marks the end of an era in the Tamil film industry. Vijayakanth who also the founder of the Desia Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) carved a unique niche in the hearts of the masses, leaving behind a remarkable legacy that resonates through the annals of Tamil cinema and in the politics of Tamilnadu.
In a film world landscape dominated by giants like Rajinikanth and  Kamal Haasan, Vijayakanth stood parallel, establishing his presence through his impactful roles, especially in action-packed rural dramas. He was the beacon for many young aspiring actors, demonstrating the power of dedication and versatility in his craft.
Yet, Vijayakanth's contribution extended far beyond the silver screen. He was a man of the people, known for his humanitarian deeds. His office was seen as a haven for those in need, offering various forms of assistance to countless individuals, from fulfilling dreams to providing meals for those in hunger or facing dire circumstances.
In 1999, Vijayakanth assumed the responsibility of leading the actor's association. He took on the arduous task of revitalizing an institution drowning in debt, rallying support from renowned actors like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan to clear the association's financial burdens, even conducting fundraising events in Malaysia.
His dream of constructing a dedicated building for the association, however, faced hurdles. Despite his earnest efforts, the dream remained unfulfilled as the Presidentship changed hands, withdrawing support from Vijayakanth's vision. Nevertheless, his tenure as the leader of the actor's association remains a golden age, remembered even today for his unwavering dedication.
Now, as murmurs surface about naming the actor's association building in his honour, it is evident that his legacy continues to resonate deeply. The plea to christen the building after Vijayakanth stems from the very essence of his commitmentand existence within the association—a fighter, a relentless advocate for the industry and its artists.
Fans and his party followers mourn the loss but also look forward, seeking solace in the possibility of immortalizing his name through this tribute. Office bearers of the actor’s association, including Nasser and Vishal, are urged to consider this heartfelt request. The hope is that Vijayakanth's contributions, both on and off the screen, will be commemorated and etched into the annals of Tamil cinema's history with the naming of the actor's association building in his honour.