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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Request to remove RN Ravi from the Guv post

Request to remove RN Ravi from the Guv post

The ruling DMK party has decided to request the president Droupadi Murmu to remove RN Ravi from the post of Governor of Tamil Nadu.The party had sought the cooperation of its alliance parties to make their request inevitable and asked the party heads to sign in the letter.

In most of the non-BJP ruling states including Kerala, Telangana and Tamil Nadu, there has been a dispute between the state government and the Governor.  Even though the tussle between the Governor and the Tamil Nadu government is not as bad as it is in neighbouring Kerala, the difference in opinion has not gone unnoticed especially in matters like selecting vice-chancellors for the universities. 

The Governor still has not sent the ordinance giving powers to the Chief Minister to appoint VCs of the varsities to the president.  Also, there are allegations against the Governor RN Ravi that he behaves like the spokesperson of right-wing parties in public places by speaking about the importance of Hindutva and Sanathana dharma and spreading false information about the history and culture of the state. 

He also went on to say that the Dravidian culture as a non-ancient culture and spirituality in Thirukural was hidden. His statements have been highly criticized and condemned.   With his recent remarks about the government’s action on the Coimbatore car blast case, political leaders especially the ruling DMK party had lost their patience level and condemned his statements publicly.  

Now, they have decided to write to the president requesting her to remove Ravi from the post of Governor of Tamil Nadu and invited the alliance parties to support their decision. In a letter written by DMK treasurer TR Balu to its alliance parties, he said, “Everyone who are disgusted with the activities of Governor RN Ravi are requested to sign the letter that was drafted requesting the president to remove him from the post, at Anna Arivalayam in Chennai on Thursday. 

The letter would be sent to the president’s office.” Earlier, the DMK and its alliance parties including Congress, CPM, CPI, VCK and MDMK had demanded Ravi to quit his post. In the letter, they said, “From the day RN Ravi took charge as the Governor of the state, he has been creating controversies and his intention to make such controversial statements seems to create tension and confusion in the state or gain undiverted attention. Whatever the reasons may be, all his statements on Sanatana dharma, Dravidian culture, scheduled caste people and Thirukural are dangerous and threaten to disturb the unity and harmony among the people.”