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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Rising Corona:Will there be lockdowns?

Rising Corona:Will there be lockdowns?

According to the health department, 83 cases of corona virus have been reported in Tamil Nadu yesterday. 480 people are undergoing corona treatment in the hospital. As the number of cases of corona virus is increasing day by day, there is a fear that the lockdown will be announced again. 

The Corona virus that originated in China at the end of 2019 has affected millions of people around the world for more than two years. More than 65 lakh people were affected. The world is paralyzed to escape from the impact of Corona. Several countries enforced lockdowns for months. People were suffering due to unemployment and business shutdown.

 The world has returned to normal only since the end of last year.  In this situation, the spread of influenza increased. Along with that, the spread of corona virus is also increasing. 83 people were affected in a single day. After last 3 months the spread of Corona has started to increase again. 18 people in Coimbatore, 16 people in Chennai and 10 people in Chengalpattu have been confirmed to be affected by Corona. 

Minister M. Subramanian has said that it is necessary to wear masks for the safety of people walking in public places in Tamil Nadu. In India, the number of cases of corona virus is starting to increase again. 
As of yesterday, 1,134 people have been confirmed to have coronavirus in India. This is the highest in 137 days. With this, the number of people affected by the virus has increased to 7,026.

5 more people died.  Currently, XPB type virus is spreading in India. XPB virus are viruses that have mutated from Omicron mutant viruses. In India, a virus called XPB 1.16 is spreading with genetic modification of the virus.  These viruses are affecting many people now. The XPB 1.16 virus is highly contagious. It is said that if you sneeze normally, it can easily infect others. As a result, preventive measures have been intensified in India. 

Will the restrictions be increased gradually as the spread of Corona has started to increase? There is a fear among the people that the lockdown will be enforced. It is our responsibility to prevent such a situation from happening. Yes. Let's start wearing masks again.  Is it wise to wait before you arrive?