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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Rs 1 cr allotted to improve Rly underpass

Rs 1 cr allotted to improve Rly underpass

The railway underpass in RS area near Perundurai in Erode district will be repaired at a cost of Rs 1 cr shortly, said Housing Minister S Muthuswamy while inspecting it on Friday.

 It is in the Chennimalai panchayat union and Vadamogam Vellodu panchayat. During rainy season season, water stagnated in the area obstructing the traffic while hundreds of school and college vehicles pass through the road daily in the morning and evening. Vasuki Jaganathan, President of Vadamugam Panchayat wants to repair the lower part of the railway bridge. So, the Minister S.Muthusamy visited the railway underpass in Perundurai RS area.

He said that steps will be taken to construct roads, drainage and infrastructure facility there at a cost of Rs 1 cr there to solve the problem.