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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Rs 100 crore donation to alma mater!

Rs 100 crore donation to alma mater!

Rakesh Gangwal, the co-founder of Indigo Airlines, has donated Rs 100 crore to his alma mater Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Kanpur) in Kanpur.

He has donated Rs 100 crore to IIT Kanpur in support of a project to build a medical science and technology school. Rakesh Gangwal told reporters, "It is my privilege to be associated with an educational institution in such a classic endeavour." It is not a big deal that Rakesh Gangwal, who owns several hundred crores of rupees, has donated one hundred crores. What matters is that he has donated to the institution where he studied. 

We learn from time to time that alumni help the school or college here and there. It is not enough. The public and the alumni helping out the institutions have to be made a movement. Public schools and colleges, in particular, need extra funding. This requires the contribution of social welfare activists as well. 

This Rs 100 crore donation has turned a precedent, creating guidance and awareness. Its impact should continue to be felt in Tamil Nadu, the birthplace of the great leader Kamaraj, who was a pioneer in education.
Congratulations to Rakesh Gangwal!