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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

Rs. 13.82 lakh assured to the family of deceased worker

Rs. 13.82 lakh assured to the family of deceased worker

M Chandrasekhar, managing director of SKM Animal Feed firm, promised to provide relief assistance of Rs 13.82 lakh to Sambadevi 28 wife of Kamothram 29 of Bihar who died in a road accident at the firm at Nanjai Uthukuli, near Erode on April 6. She has 3 daughters and a son. 

At a function held at the firm,  he handed over a draft of Rs 5 lakh on behalf of the firm and issued a form for payment of Rs 8.82 lakh through insurance firm.

He told newsmen, "SKM firm, operating for 40 years, took steps to get Rs. 11,000 per month as pension through ESI and Rs. 3,000 through PF and Rs 15 lakh solatium under the Motor Vehicle Act to the victim's family. Bharat Paitha (22) and Anil Kumar (20), who were arrested in connection with the attack on police following the fatal accident, were considered as child labourers.  

But, we confirmed to the police through relevant documents that both were not child labourers. So,  they were thus transferred to Coimbatore Central Jail.  Some are seeking political gain by using the company's name through social media and posting in order to bring disrepute to it through this incident. 

 But, the firm adheres to all rules in accordance with labour welfare laws with the utmost concern for the welfare of workers.  The welfare of the workers will always be protected, Chandrasekhar asserted.