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Today Date : Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ryots Assn seeks Pandiyaru- Moyaru River Integration Project

Ryots Assn seeks Pandiyaru- Moyaru River Integration Project

Keezhbavani farmers welfare association appealed to the government to implement the long pending Pandiyaru-Moyaru river integration project to divert 14 tmc water to Bhavani river.At the association meeting held here on Tuesday, the association president lawyer C Nallasamy said the Pandiyaru river originated from Gudalur entered into Kerala as Punnampuzha and merged with Saliyaru and wasted into Arabic sea. So,  the Pandiyaru river can be diverted in eastern side to link it with Moyaru in Bavanisagar, which could help Keezhbavani ayacut to get 14 tmc and help more area to get water. Now,   200 cusecs per second of water is being released from the Bavanisagar dam in the Bhavani river to meet the needs of many drinking water schemes. But, in the 70 km stretch of the river from the dam to the Bhavani town, many firms tap water illegally.

So,  if the pipeline is laid from the dam to Bhavani town  to carry water to meet drinking water needs,  just 20 cusecs per second are enough. So,  lot of water can be conserved. Both the schemes can be enforced by using Rs 720 cr allotted for modernization of Lowerbavani project (LBP) main canal. The LBP farmers would also contribute for river linking project as given by them to create LBP canal in 1950s.

The water released in the earthen canal meets drinking water needs in many villages and improves ground water level. The surplus water reaches Veeranam lake and then reaches as drinking water in Chennai. So,  the water is not wasted into the sea. The entire system would collapse if the canal is concretised in the name of Rs 720 cr modernization project.

So,  the concretisation project should be withdrawn and palm trees can be planted on the canal bunds to strengthen it. Besides, as per the Cauvery Tribunal order,  the crop and water release pattern in the LBP ayacut should be changed with giving priority to coconut cultivation and following the water release norms. 

The norms were not followed since 1958 and water was released from the dam according to the whims and fancies of big firms which tap dam water illegally. This year also, Kodiveri ayacut got 8.5 tmc water from April 25 instead of 4.5 tmc as per the norm. So,  LBP ayacut lost water for raising dry crops in 16 years and wet crops in 8 years. The water resources department should set right the problem immediately, he pleaded.