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Today Date : Saturday, July 20, 2024

Ryots of tail end area of LBP canal stage stir

Ryots of tail end area of LBP canal stage stir

Many farmers of Anjur, Mangalapatti, Chennasamuthram villages etc in the tail end areas of the Lower Bhavani Project (LBP) canal staged a massive demonstration  at Karur and submitted  a petition to the Collector urging the CM, Water Resource Minister,  Electricity Minister to ensure LBP water for their lands in the tail end areas of the canal.  

They said that some ryots associations misinformed public that the tail end areas were getting water. But, in reality, the ryots of tail end areas were not getting adequate water for the past many years due to illegal tapping of water from the canal at upstream level itself by some rich farmers, industries, etc for their lands in the right  bank of the canal which were in the non ayacut area. 

Besides, the seepage of water in the canal were on the rise helping many ryots in non ayacut to irrigate lands round the year while genuine ayacutdars get water for wet and dry crops in alternate years.  
Genuine ayacutdars were not getting adequate water, despite they remitted Rs10.33 cr as betterment tax for constructing the dam and canal. So,  the government should carry out Rs 710 cr renovation plan of the canal which was pending for over 10 years to help ayacutdars to get water as per the norm without delay, they said.