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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Ryots oppose any move to release Bavanisagar dam to Cauvery delta areas

Ryots oppose any move to release Bavanisagar dam to Cauvery delta areas

A monthly farmers grievance redressal meeting of Erode district was held at the district collector's office under the chairmanship of Collector Rajagopal Sunkara on Friday. 

At the meeting, representatives of the farmers associations said: Public Works Department should take action to repair dilapidated culverts in Kizhbavani irrigation canal. Water has been opened for the first phase in the canal current year. But due to wrong water management, the 2nd phase of water release is questionable. Monthly water distribution system should be implemented in Cauvery. In this regard, the district administration should recommed to the government. Water is available in Lower Bavani Dam for 35 days. It is not known whether this can save the rice seedlings. Urea at private fertilizer outlets are not available. Also, the price list is also not displayed in the shops. Steps should be taken to install scanning machines for goat pregnancy detection in all veterinary clinics. In the past, when there was a shortage of water for irrigation in the Cauvery Delta, water was released from the Bhavanisagar Dam in the Cauvery. But, for whatever reason this year, water should not be released for delta for irrigation to save crops here. Anti-social elements illegally steal water from Bhavani river. Appropriate action should be taken to prevent it. In violation of the rules, bore wells are dug near rivers and canals and pipelines were laid to carry water to the lands without getting permission from the Revenue Department, Public Works Department and Electricity Board. A district management committee should be formed and action should be taken against those who illegally construct pipelines and carry water. The diversion of water from irrigated areas to other commercial uses should be prevented. Water should be opened for sugarcane, turmeric and banana crops in Kalingarayan Canal. Traders in the name of farmers have benefited under the copra procurement scheme. The authorities should take action to prevent this. Roads are not laid in hilly areas including Kermalam and Thalimalai. Tribal farmers are suffering severely from wild boars. So permission should be given to kill wild boars like in Kerala. Tapioca Board and Turmeric Research Center should be set up in the district. Election should be held for irrigation councils. Rs 3000 per quintal should be fixed as purchase price of paddy. Construction of the toll plaza on the Erode -Gobi road should be reconsidered. 

Collector Rajagopal Sunkara said: A committee was formed and an investigation was conducted regarding the issue of discharge of waste water from Perundurai Sipcot industries. According to the preliminary investigation report of this committee, action has been taken against 4 factories. Appropriate action will be taken once the final report is available.  Fertilizer shops should not sell goods at extra cost and force ryots to buy unnecessary fertilizers. Also, the stock and price list of fertilizers should be placed on the notice board so that the farmers can see it. Steps will be taken to purchase scanning equipment on behalf of the Animal Husbandry Department. Illegal construction of pipelines and transportation of water will be prevented. Village councils will be formed in forest areas. He said that consultation is being done with the Pollution Control Board officials regarding the prevention of mixing of industrial waste water in Cauvery river.