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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Salem Dist. Admin steps up dengue prevention measures, fines to be imposed for violation of protocol

Salem Dist. Admin steps up dengue prevention measures, fines to be imposed for violation of protocol

In an effort to intensify dengue prevention activities, Salem District Collector, Mr. S. Karmegam, conducted an inspection of the old plastic collection warehouse at Ittery Street near Nethimedu on Tuesday. The visit aimed at addressing the looming threat of dengue in light of the monsoon season.

Speaking to reporters after the inspection, the collector said, "In a further step towards safeguarding public health, the district administration has authorized relevant officers to take action under the Public Health Act. This includes imposing fines on private companies, industries, and factories that fail to adhere to dengue prevention protocols. To facilitate this, committees have been established through the coordination of various departments, such as the Department of Health, Department of Revenue, and the District Rural Development Agency".

Highlighting the critical role that stagnant water plays in the breeding of dengue mosquitoes, the Collector emphasized the potential for dengue larvae to thrive in rainwater collected in containers, tanks, behind refrigerators, old tires, coconut shells, and plastic cups left exposed within households. To combat this menace, the district has mobilized a workforce of 500 individuals for mosquito eradication within the municipal area, and an additional 650 workers in municipalities, municipalities, and panchayat union regions. Furthermore, the district administration has implemented a daily monitoring system using WhatsApp groups for district-level officers to ensure the effectiveness of dengue prevention efforts.

Mr. Karmegam highlighted the severity of dengue, stressing that the disease affects individuals of all ages, particularly children, the elderly, and adults. He warned that dengue can lead to a decrease in white blood cells and potentially become life-threatening. Consequently, he urged everyone to stay vigilant and adopt preventive measures to curtail the spread of dengue mosquitoes.

During the warehouse inspection, the City Health Officer, Mr. Yoganand, was also in attendance.