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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

'Sangam literatures are assets of Tamils'

'Sangam literatures are assets of Tamils'

Musician James Vasanthan's Tamil Osai Choir Group participated in the Sangam Tamil Songs concert at the Erode Book Festival at Erode CN College on Friday. Makkal Sindhanai Peravai president T Stalin Gunasekaran gave the introductory speech.

Music composer James Vasanthan said that ''Sangam literature is the treasure of the Tamil Nadu, which tells about the life and virtues of the human being, which are not told in many world literatures. 
A musical performance of Sangam Tamil songs was held by James Vasanthan's troupe comprising 40 musicians. At the beginning of this event, James Vasanthan said: The literature of the world's ancient languages ​​such as Greek and Chinese is full of imagination. 

But the Sangam literature fully presupposes human life and morality. If we analyze Sangam literary songs, 
it will be seen that Tamils are the most advanced political, economic and civilized society. 
He said that this is why we appreciate Sangam literature as the property of the Tamil race. 15 Sangam literary songs with varied music were delivered in 90 minutes format. 
The audience demanded to repeat the song Yadum Ure Yavarum Kelir.