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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

SenthilBalaji’s targeted achievements

SenthilBalaji’s targeted achievements

SenthilBalaji the Minister for Electricity and Minister in charge of Coimbatore District is one who is working efficiently. Although the DMK got a decisive win in the last assembly elections, it was the AIADMK which swept most of the seats in Kongu region.

Following the assembly elections, the election for urban local bodies was announced. Chief Minister M.K Stalin gave the responsibility of converting the Kongu belt into a DMK fortress to SenthilBalaji. 
Besides his home district Karur, SenthilBalaji who also took up Coimbatore District, worked at an amazing whirlwind speed which ensured that the Kongu belt was converted into a DMK‘s iron fort. This is said to be the result of his targeted approach. Currently he has achieved a rare feat without much publicity.

 Any guess what the rare feat could be? SenthilBalaji has been instrumental in distributing 1 lakh free power connections to farmers. This is no ordinary feat. This could be counted as another victory for his targeted approach. 
It is because of this when the Chief Minister delivered speech after distributing the 1 lakh free power connections, placed on record,SenthilBalaji’s achievement stating that SenthilBalaji is one who sets a target and achieves it. He has proved it here said the Chief Minister. 

It would not be an exaggeration to state that for the people of Coimbatore district it is a good opportunity to have a multifaceted personality like SenthilBalaji as the Minister in-charge of the district. To that extent he has been working effectively. Let his targeted achievements and the appreciation for him from the Chief Minister continue!