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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Sharp SC’s remembrance of T.N Seshan

Sharp SC’s remembrance of T.N Seshan

The Supreme Court has made a sensational comment on the independence of the Election Commission of India. In particular, the Supreme Court disapproved of the appointment of Chief Election Commissioners with short tenures. Successive governments after 2004 have been accused of eroding the independence of the Election Commission.

Supreme Court’s Constitutional Bench headed by Senior Judge K.M. Joseph  isinvestigating a petion seeking reforms in the appointment of Chief Election Commissioners. ArunGoyal’s appointment as Chief Election Commissioner.He served as the Secretary to the Central Government and took voluntary retirement on the 18th. The very next day he was appointed as the Election Commissioner. The Supreme Court has ordered to see the documents related to this and to submit them.

During this hearing, the Supreme Court’s bench remembering the former Chief Election Commissioner T.N Seshanhas become a big talking point.Many Chief Election Commissioners have come and gone. But an officer as bold as T.N. Seshan is rare. What has he achieved so much for the apex court to remember him? But in India, which is the largest democratic country, T.NSeshan is to be celebrated and the people of the country have faith in the electoral process. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the action taken by Seshanwas the reason. Even after 3 years of his death is it normal for the name Seshanto resonate across the country?

T. N. Seshanwas appointed as the Chief Election Commissioner of India in 1990. His personality, which was unknown to the outside world till then, came to light only after he assumed the post. During his 6 years in office, he was a hero to the voters and a nightmare to politicians in India.

Although the constitution empowered it to function independently, the Election Commission of India functioned as a puppet of the central government. T.N. Seshanwas the one who changed it.  Till then elections in India were like a festival without rules. He introduced a rule that the campaign should end with certain number of days before the elections.

He suppressed the activities of political parties with an iron hand, including buying votes by bribes and intimidation of voters. He disqualified the candidates who violated this. He reigned in all types of anarchy including distribution of alcohol during elections, use of government vehicles for campaigning, caste and religious campaigns.

From 1990 to 1996, T.N. Seshanturned the Indian election system upside down.  The more electoral reforms he brought, the more threats he received. Several politicians directly issued death threats to him. But little did they know that even an eyelash of Seshan was not afraid of intimidation. As threats loomed, he began to act with even greater speed. It was only then that politicians realized his determination and fearlessness. Seshan did not bend before anyone. That is why he is remembered even after his death.

An indispensable name in Indian history is T.N. Seshan. Those who are going to be Chief Election Commissioners now and in the future should also uphold the dignity of democracy by adopting T.N Seshan as a model. Will they act in a way reminiscent of T.N.Seshan? That is the expectation of the people of the country. That is good for India's democracy.