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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

Slavery system defying abolition

Slavery system defying abolition

Today, technological advancement has shrunk the world. We have grown to be able to easily communicate with anyone in any part of the world. But it could not prevent people from being enslaved for the small amount of money. Every now and then we read in the newspapers about men who are enslaved and toiling in misery. What causes only certain social groups to continue to be trapped in slavery; What is the way to prevent it? A  comprehensive discussion is needed.

Only when such a debate takes place in the public arena that the act of rescuing bonded labor will be intensified. If such a discussion environment is not created among us, new gangs will continue to be created even now. A gang is working to enslave poverty-stricken children, especially children from the northern states. It is a sad news that girls who are engaged in slavery are also subjected to sex work. Currently, the Tamil Nadu government is actively involved in eradicating the system of serfdom. Last year, 1,144 people were rescued from bonded labor. Rs.30,000 is given each as a rehabilitation allowance to the rescued workers.
Even recently Bonded Labour Abolition Day was observed. Awareness programs were conducted across the state. A signature drive was conducted.

Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin posted on Twitter, "The slavery profession that is shadowing the society as a human exploitation of fellow human beings should be completely eradicated". It is the duty of each and every one of us to support the government to eliminate this and protect individual rights. On the day of professional abolition of slavery, we will make a commitment to build an egalitarian society.

The existence of bonded labour in the 21st century is a shame. The practice of human disposal of human waste has almost come to an end. Child labor has been brought under control. More serious than that was the system of serfdom. In this Tamilnadu government should act proactively and stop the slavery. It is also necessary that employers who employ human beings as slaves should be severely punished.

If there are groups of bonded labourers anywhere, the people in the neighborhood should report it to the appropriate authorities or the police department. Although government officials are continuing to take action against serfdom, they should act now rather than wait for the time to show seriousness.Only then can the system of slavery be eradicated from root.