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Today Date : Sunday, May 26, 2024

Smoking will hit  Pregnant Women much

Smoking will hit Pregnant Women much

Modakurichi BJP  MLA and child specialist Dr CK  Saraswati cautioned  that cigarette smoking near pregnant women could lead to many deformities to the womb including birth of babies with less weight,  mental retardation etc as smoking pollute the air.

 Inhaling the polluted air would hit the women, she added. 
Inaugurating World No Tobacco Day function at Erode Bus Stand, held on behalf of Erode Prajapitha Brahma Kumaris,she said ''Cigarettes contain more than 400 ingredients.  Of these, 48 are toxic substances that can cause cancer. A cigarette shortens life by 5 minutes. It causes  cancer and heart diseased. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 2,200 deaths a day worldwide and 3 million deaths a year due to smoking.  

Currently there is a growing culture of smoking among women in big cities.  Smoke can cause various harms to them too.  We need to eradicate that culture.  Meditation and yoga can help to quit smoking. Meditation should be practiced. Drug culture is on the rise among students at present. 

The police should take stern action to wipe out such evil. The event was attended by many including Corporation Commissioner Sivakumar, Deputy Director (TB) Dr Kanagaraj, Advocate Thirugnanasampantham. Earlier the MLA inaugurated the anti-tobacco awareness campaign vehicle and cultural show.