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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Sri Lankan Army  trespasses: When will it resolve?

Sri Lankan Army trespasses: When will it resolve?

The Sri Lankan Navy has arrested 15 fishermen from Tamil Nadu who went to the Bay of Bengal from Rameswaram area to fish in Kachchathivu area. Both their motorised boats have been impounded.
This violation by the Sri Lankan Navy by entering the Indian territorial waters is highly condemnable. The Sri Lankan Navy engages in such arrests with the insidious intention of not allowing Tamil Nadu fishermen to fish in the Bay of Bengal.
On the one hand, the Tamil Nadu fishermen are being attacked by pirates, and on the other hand, the fishermen are being arrested and their boats are being confiscated. 
Even yesterday Tamil Nadu fishermen were attacked by pirates. Due to this, the fishermen of Tamil Nadu are losing their livelihood.
India is providing aid to Sri Lankan government which is stuck in severe economic crisis. India has also started shipping between Nagai - &Kangesan port with a view to strengthen bilateral ties.
But the Sri Lankan Navy, not understanding India's goodwill measures, continues to challenge India's sovereignty by attacking and arresting fishermen.
Every time Tamil Nadu fishermen are arrested, it has become a regular practice for the Chief Minister to write a letter to the Union Minister of External Affairs asking for their release and for the Central Government to take action for the fishermen's release. 
If this practice continues there will never be a permanent solution.
Therefore, the central government should ensure that the fishermen of Tamil Nadu enjoy unhindered fishing in their traditional fishing areas.
India should warn the Sri Lankan government to desist from attacking and arresting Tamil Nadu fishermen.
The central government should not hesitate and take appropriate action in ending the violation of the Sri Lankan Navy!