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Today Date : Tuesday, April 16, 2024

State governments hijacking,  diverting central schemes: Union Minister BisweswarTidu

State governments hijacking, diverting central schemes: Union Minister BisweswarTidu

The public should know that the state governments are hijacking and diverting Central government’s schemes as they are implementing them but projecting it to  the public as they are doing it said Union Minister for JalSakthi and Tribal Affairs. Interacting with tribal people in Yercaud on Tuesday, BisweswarTidu said, During AtalBihari Vajpayee's prime ministership, the government of Madhya Pradesh used to provide rice 
to the public at Rs 29 per kg to prevent people from starving. The two rupees given by the state government was used only for the transportation cost.

Unfortunately, Vajpayee could not win the elections because the state government project that the schemes brought by the central government was theirs as they were implemented by them. The public should know that most of the welfare schemes are funded by the Central Government and the state governments only implement the schemes  . We celebrate AtalBihari Vajpayee's birthday as Good Governance Day because he ruled in the best way. Like him, Modi has brought four schemes and  implemented them. 

We are trying to provide housing to everyone in the country by 2022 through the Housing for All scheme. 
But wherever non- BJP parties are ruling, they are blocking this plan.
But in order to carry out the housing project for all by 2024, an order has been issued to inform the Prime Minister's office  directly about how many houses have been given to all the district collectors for each religion. 

The state governments are diverting the public so that the name  of Prime Minister Modi who brings good schemes is not known. Drinking water for everyone scheme will be included by March 2024. Due to 
the delay in allocating the share amount of the state government in some projects, delayed in reaching the people.  700 schools are being built across the country to provide quality education.  He said that work on schools is going on in 8 places in Tamil Nadu. The Union Minister  interacted with the tribal communities at Periyakadu, a village under SemmanathamPanchayat, in Yercaud where the camp was to held. 
The people requested the minister to provide them with permanent job, pay hike, vacation etc.