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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Strong law is needed to prevent honour killings

Strong law is needed to prevent honour killings

As his son Subhash (25) had done an inter-caste marriage,  Dandapani’s invited him and his daughter-in-law Anusuya home, tricked them into showing affection and hacked them while they were asleep.
Dandapani’s mother Kannammal 70, who stopped his murderous rampage was also hacked. Both Kannammal and Subhash died on the spot in this attack motivated by caste fanaticism. 

The news that the daughter-in-law Anusuya is undergoing treatment for serious injuries is very disturbing.
Reform movement leaders like E.V Ramasamy Periyar and Ilayaperumal have fought hard to eliminate caste differences and prevent the system of untouchability and have seen progress in the social life of Tamil Nadu. Unreasonable casteism, bigotry and politics of hate are being propagated and brutal killings continue.
A few years ago in Udumalai, intercaste couple Kausalya and her husband were attacked by a violent mob in which the latter died. The incident shook the nation. Now a couple of lovers have been murdered in Krishnagiri.

It is a challenge to the rule of law that a youth who rejected caste and adopted an inter-caste family, was brutally killed in 20 days. These homicides suggest that a strong separate law to prevent lynchings, along with social reform work to eradicate superstitions and foster a scientific outlook, is very much needed.

Parties including the Communist Party of India have been insisting that strict laws should be passed to prevent homicides. It is imperative that such a law be passed. It should be passed in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly without further delay.
That too should be done in this session itself. That law should be very strict… a strict law with the power to stop homicides altogether.
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin should pay special attention to this!