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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

SuPr Innovative labs Pvt Ltd Revolutionises the Future

SuPr Innovative labs Pvt Ltd Revolutionises the Future

SuPr Innovative Labs, a research-based design company, has achieved a ground-breaking milestone in the sustainability space with the successful implementation of DesQat “Singapore's First Super Low Energy Building” at BCA BraddellCampus(Building and Construction Authority) Singapore. 

SuPr Innovative Labs’ DesQImprove HVAC Energy Savings to 30% helping them save energy andreduce carbon footprint while providingsustainable work solutions for employees. SuPr Innovative Labshas achieved a ground-breaking milestone, positioning itself at the vanguard of a transformative era that is set to redefine the landscape of workspace sustainability and productivity.

Talking about the project Mr.AbhayChitransh CEO of SuPr Innovative Labs Pvt Ltd said “Innovation is at the heart of our mission. With the successful implementation ofDesQ at BCA Singapore, we are not just transforming workspaces; we are catalysing a paradigm shift towards sustainability, ushering in an era where the well-being of individuals and the planet are integral to every design choice.”

DesQ, SuPr's revolutionary product, showcased remarkable results at BCA Skylabs Singapore in 2021, achieving a notable 21.7% HVAC energy savings and an impressive 9.2% total energy savings. Designed for recyclability, DesQ is a lasting and eco-friendly solution that goes beyond sustainability, enhancing productivity, reducing absenteeism, and boosting revenue realization in modern workplaces.