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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Supreme Court Judgments From now on in Tamil -  A Welcome Change

Supreme Court Judgments From now on in Tamil - A Welcome Change

Chief Justice D.Y Chandrachud has announced that Supreme Court judgments will be translated into all languages in India. He made this announcement by pointing out that judgments in English are not be useful to many rural lawyers.

Welcoming this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that if this idea of the Supreme Court Chief Justice is implemented, it will help the people, especially the youth. Subsequently, in the Twitter post of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has said," I wholeheartedly welcome the opinion expressed by the Hon'ble Chief Justice that Supreme Court judgments should be published in all Indian languages. Along with this, fulfilling our long-standing demand to make the official languages of the state official languages in the high courts will bring justice closer to the common people of the country," he said.

As part of this effort, 1091 English judgments of the Supreme Court have been published today in 4 regional languages including Tamil on the occasion of Republic Day. This move by Chief Justice Chandrachud is highly commendable and welcome. The plan to publish Supreme Court judgments in 9 languages including Tamil was already introduced on 17.07.2019. But, in the next few weeks, the plan was shelved. We need to ensure that the project that is being launched now runs smoothly.

The central government and the Supreme Court should also fulfill the demand to declare Tamil as the official language of the Madras High Court. Emphasizing this, the government should again pass a resolution in the soon-to-be-held assembly meeting and strengthen the completion of this historic project as soon as possible.
We have already expressed our desire that Supreme Court judgments should be published in major regional languages including Tamil, and that day will blossom soon. The time for that has begun. Let the series continue. Kudos to Chief Justice Chandrachud.