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Today Date : Friday, April 19, 2024

Supreme Court’s Condemnation Knocks

Supreme Court’s Condemnation Knocks

On the 11th, the Supreme Court gave an important judgment based on the protection of democracy.
The Supreme Court has ruled that the Union government's order which granted a third extension to Enforcement Directorate Chief Mishra by the Prime Minister Modi-led government - without any shame - is null and void. The Supreme Court has put a proper knock on the autocracy of the Union Government.
This is the third time Mishra’s post has been extended, that too against the earlier judgment of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has pointed out this and has issued such a judgment.

A few months ago when the Union Modi government extended the appointment of the Election Commission member for the 8th term after the 7th term was over, the judges said, "Is he so indispensable? Why are there so many successive extensions of office for one person?'' "If he is not there, will not the system function?" the Judges condemned, then how is it fair for the Union Government to act like a Tughlaq Darbar?
It is well-known news that the Union Government is using the Enforcement Department as a modern weapon to intimidate the Leaders of Opposition, Ministers, and Legislators.

The Election Commission, CBI and Income Tax Department are used as weapons against political enemies. If they join the BJP alliance, we can see that the action against them is disappearing.
Such abuses of power in India have become a topic of discussion in foreign countries also. The Union Government should take note of this. It is not good for democracy if the Supreme Court continues condemning the Union Government.