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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

T. Stanes gets a Patent for a Novel Microbial Technology

T. Stanes gets a Patent for a Novel Microbial Technology

T.Stanes and Company limited has announced that the Indian Patent Office (IPO) has issued a grant for their patent application entitled “Method and formulation of a novel yeast with plant growth-promoting activities” for manufacturing a unique multifunctional microbial product. The success of this patent grant marks a yet another milestone in the IP portfolio of T.Stanes and company limited with its already existing list of patents.

About the Microbial formulation-5-MIN: 

T.Stanes & Co. Ltd., specialized in organic inputs for Agriculture, have developed a novel microbial based product, with diverse functions (viz., rapid accessibility of nutrients; antagonistic activity; induction of disease resistance and improved plant health).This novel microbial product 5MIN with yeast as its active ingredient is manufactured by an innovative production & formulation technology that has been patented. It is a superior quality biological product with distinctive features & is obtained through an advanced fermentation technology.

Unique features of the product- 5MIN :

It is a scientifically proven innovative product consisting of a multi-functional microbe with diverse range of activities.

The microbe has the ability to colonize plant roots, sustain in the soil & control the proliferation of soil borne fungal pathogens.

It has extraordinary levels of tolerance to adverse soil environment & the potential to improve soil health.


Increases the nutrient availability and nutrient use efficiency in plants.

Improves the organic content and microbial population of the soil.

It improves the systemic resistance in plants; crop productivity & quality of the produce.

Extensive studies & field trials undertaken show that the deployment of this product as an Agri-input is a prospective strategy for increasing yields in crops like paddy, wheat, arecanut, sugar cane, turmeric , onions, groundnut maize etc., and a sustainable solution for improving soil health & crop productivity