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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Tamil Nadu assembly passes  resolution against Hindi imposition

Tamil Nadu assembly passes resolution against Hindi imposition

Tamil Nadu assembly on Tuesday adopted a resolution against the Hindi imposition on people. The resolution was to oppose the union government committee’s recommendation of making ‘Hindi’ as the official language.
Chief Minister MK Stalin said that the ruling BJP government has been making all its efforts to abolish the English language from the country. He said, “The recommendations made by the committee headed by union home minister Amit Shah would severely affect non-Hindi speaking states.”

Parliamentary committee submitted the recommendations to the president about a week ago. The recommendations include mandating Hindi as the medium of language in central-government educational institutions like IIT, IIM and AIIMS, instead of English.Condemning the recommendation, Stalin said that the recommendation is against the federalism of the country and it endangers the diversity of the country. He had written a letter regarding the same to the Prime Minister.

After passing the resolution, Stalin said, “The union government has made it a habit to impose Hindi on people whenever possible and we, people of Tamil Nadu, have been constantly opposing it as it would have severe effect on non-Hindi speaking states.”“The BJP thinks that the ultimate aim of ruling the country is to make Hindi as the official language. In the name of ‘one language, one nation’, they are planning to destroy several native languages. They work towards abolishing English completely in the country,” he added.