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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Tamil Nadu attracts industrialists to make business, says Chief Minister Stalin

Tamil Nadu attracts industrialists to make business, says Chief Minister Stalin

Chennai NOV 18: 
Several businessmen from other states and other countries have commenced their business in the state in the last 15 years and this shows how Tamil Nadu has been attracting business people and industries towards it, said Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin at the valedictory function of centenary celebrations of employers federation of South India that took place in Chennai on Friday.He said, “Several industries were started in the state in 1920 when the Justice Party – South Indian Liberal Federation - ruled the then Madras presidency. 
Velludai Vendar, who founded the party, founded South Indian traders association in 1909 after discussing with traders and published a magazine called South Indian trader journal. 

Dravidian model 

Dravidian parties have not just been working hard to implant social justice in the state but also for the industrial growth of the state. That’s why we follow Dravidian model ideology.”
Employers federation of South India is a sort of organization that was formed by the businessmen for their business growth, he said, pointing out that the federation now has more than 10 lakh members and it has been helping the state grow economically through its better functioning.

In DMK Regine

“After the DMK took charge, we have been working towards making Tamil Nadu a one trillion economy. 
In the last 15 months, several new industries were established in the state. 
Businessmen, not just from other states but also from other countries, have started their business here in the state. In that way, Tamil Nadu is a state that attracts business and businessmen towards it,” he said.
Through the welfare board, several schemes were implemented for the welfare of workers of unorganized sectors, he added.