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Today Date : Thursday, July 25, 2024

Tamil Nadu  Chief Minister’s humanitarian announcement!

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s humanitarian announcement!

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has announced that the funerals of those who have been involved in accidents or are brain dead, and who donate their organs before death, will be conducted with respect to the government. 
This is a great move to be applauded. Donating organs to the incapacitated is a great boon to mankind. 
This announcement is to encourage everyone to come forward to donate their organs for the service of humanity. 
No one can give better respect and recognition to those who donate their organs and save so many lives. Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has given it.
It is good that organ donation has become a culture now. 
However, 5 lakh people die every year in India due to organ failure and the unavailability of another person's organs.
Only 10 percent of those in need receive organs. The remaining 90 percent are on the waiting list.
Should our body, which we cherished and nurtured, go to waste after death? On the contrary, after birth, life and death we can continue to live in this world through the bodies of many people. 
So, what we have to do to live in this world even after death, is if we express our desire to donate our body organs while we are still alive and buy the identity card for that, we can definitely live on this earth forever.
Thus, Chief Minister M.K.Stalin's announcement is an example of humanity. An act of honoring human dignity. 
Through this, Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has shown an innovative way to other states of India.
We will also welcome and appreciate the first class announcement of the Chief Minister!