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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tamils have become irreplaceable in many countries:Chief minister Stalin

Tamils have become irreplaceable in many countries:Chief minister Stalin

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Thursday said that Tamils have been irreplaceable in many countries.
Addressing the gathering after inaugurating welfare measures for non-resident Tamils at the event organized to observe the Day of non-residentTamils, he said, “The outcomes of the travels of the Kings of Chola dynasty have become our cultural relatives.

Tamils have not raised their standards but also the standards of their country.”In 2010, the then Chief Minister Karunanidhi attempted to start a new department for the welfare of non-resident Tamils, he pointed out.

Chief Minister MK Stalin said

Claiming that Tamils had developed a smooth relationship with foreign countries even before 2000 years, he said that Tamils have emerged as an irreplaceable force in many countries and their talent equipped with their research has got a distinct feature.Tamils will flourish wherever they go, he said, pointing out the government’s announcement of celebrating January 12 as the Day of non-resident Tamils and creation of a separate department for them.  

When 80,000 Tamils returned to Tamil Nadu during the covid-19 pandemic, the government had assisted them providing them loans with subsidy, he said, adding that the government had brought back 1890 students who were struck in Ukraine during the war.

Tamil will connect us even if the sea and continents separate us, he said, adding that the state government had sent Rs 174 crore worth products to Sri Lanka when it was suffering from economic crisis. Whenever the DMK forms government in the state, it has been implementing measures for the welfare of non-resident  Tamils, he said, listing out several schemes.