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Today Date : Friday, April 12, 2024

Tamils in NLC totally ignored!

Tamils in NLC totally ignored!

Sad news has come out that out of 299 newly appointed Engineers in Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC), not a single one is a Tamil.It was to increase employment in the state, the late leader Kamaraj established various industries in Tamil Nadu and created an industrial revolution. NLC is one of them.
Through it, Kamaraj provided employment to thousands of Tamil Nadu youths.

 Due to the efforts of the youth of Tamil Nadu, the company has grown and is establishing branches all over India. But the BJP government led by Prime Minister Modi has appointed 299 Engineers in Neyveli who are all from northern states.It is sad that not a single one is Tamil. It is surprising that Tamil Nadu, which excels in education, does not have a qualified Engineer.

This has caused great shock among the people of Tamil Nadu and among the political parties. Engineers of Tamil Nadu have been systematically betrayed by not being selected for the jobs of NLC.This is strongly condemned. Tamils have not been given a chance for many years in the appointment of Engineers.
It is said that there are irregularities in competitive exams in favor of North Indians. The reason for this is that the top posts of the NLC are occupied entirely by North Indians. Lay people are the ones who gave land for NLC mines. 

Tamils were the ones who worked for its development in the initial period.
Various political parties are also condemning that North Indians and other states can never be allowed to exploit the benefits of the NLC company. In particular, many political parties such as MDMK, General Secretary Vaiko, Tamil Nadu VazhvurimaiKatchi  leaderVelmurugan, PMK President Dr.AnbumaniRamadoss, and Tamil Nadu Congress Party President K.S Azhagiri condemned the incident.
Likewise, DMK Parliamentary Committee Chairman T.RBalu issued a statement condemning the neglect of Tamils in NLC work.

A notice has been issued by the DMK seeking a discussion in the LokSabha about the boycott of Tamils in the Engineering post.The DMK is expected to hold a serious debate on the issue soon.
What is the opinion of the Tamil Nadu BJP, which is planning to get a foothold in Tamil Nadu, in this matter? Will the BJP, which is protesting at any cost, support the Tamils in this issue?

Tamils are systematically neglected in public sector institutions. There is an urgent need for the Tamil Nadu government to pay special attention to this.The Tamil Nadu government should quickly enter the field to recover the rights of Tamils!